Each year we put together courses for skiers and splitboarders looking to gain new mountain skills, upgrade existing ones or simply have a refresher.  We aim to give you the knowledge, experience and confidence necessary to travel safely in mountains, so if you're interested any of the in the following courses - which can be tailored to you or your group's specific goals if necessary - please get in touch.   

CAA Avalanche Skills Training

Want to learn how to travel safely in the mountains?


During this course you’ll use the avalanche bulletin and apply it to the type of terrain you want to ski. If you have questions this is the best place to start. If you’re new to the backcountry and wanting to go beyond the ski resort this is perfect first step (2 days, in bounds).

Rope Rescue

Interested in skiing on glaciers?


This course will cover crevasse and cliff rescue techniques. The goal is to give you the ability to travel safely and confidently when skiing in glaciated terrain (2 days, practical assessment). 


Mountain Navigation

Navigation plays a key role in a succesful day out ski touring, without it time is lost, objectives aren't skied, or worse.


This course is to help those looking to improve their skills in order to be confident and self suffiicient in the mountains. We'll cover a wide range of applications and techniques using GPS, compass/map, google maps and other resources to make the most of your future trips (2 days).    

Ski Mountaineering - The Basics

Are you wanting to ski that steep line but are unsure ?


Here we take a hands on approach covering a wide range of objectives.  From equipment options to techniques and their proper application for ski mountaineering/steep skiing, we'll take you from scoping and planning, to skiing the objective.  Given the nature this course is run in the spring for favorable conditions (4 days).  

Winter Camping and Leadership Course

Are you looking to gain skills to prepare yourself for a committing ski trip? 

Learn the tricks on how to have a successful trip rather then an epic! From winter survival to white-out navigation we can give you the confidence to venture on one of the many committing ski traverses (classroom and on-hill skills prep, followed by a 3-day traverse).